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APT demand continues to slump, Hard to stop the decline
Time:2015-1-5 9:30:27 Source: Font:[ Oversized Medium Standard ]
APT demand continues to slump, difficult to stop the decline
Close of the year, tungsten smelter home more money in the chase, return of capital, low enthusiasm for production, the downstream demand continues to slump, tungsten difficult to take the goods, and the transaction price relative to last week slightly lower. It is understood, APT market has now 125,000 yuan / ton low inquiry, the mainstream market quotations have fallen below the danger mark of 130,000.
It is said: Pan-Asian or next 10 days to pay the money to the APT supplier, January pan-Asian funds or improved market sentiment led to the recent doctrinal, businesses, etc. on the 10th and then make specific decisions, the recent tungsten market transactions or persistent light, the price Yindie.
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