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The first day after the holiday, the tungsten market sentiment strong
Time:2015-1-5 9:10:26 Source: Font:[ Oversized Medium Standard ]
The first day after the holiday, the tungsten market sentiment strong
New Year's Day holiday today, the first day on the job, the latest mainstream understanding of the tungsten market stability maintenance, spot market transactions scarce, the market sentiment is relatively strong: on the one hand waiting for the new price guide published in January, on the other hand waiting to see if this month will pay Pan Asia loans, whether to continue the procurement APT doing inventory.
Today, the price of tungsten concentrates mainstream steady, tungsten ore cargo operators continue sellers, buyers inquiry is still high, but the increase of more than 60 degrees wolframite inquiry, it is understood 60 degrees wolframite not offer tax 1.02-1.07 yuan / kWh offer both. Our analysis is expected because of tungsten end demand continues to slump, we expect short-term weakness ore prices sharply upward.
APT take the goods market difficulties, offer basically has fallen below 130,000 mark, the cash price is now low-cost 125,000 yuan / ton or less. We expect this month downstream powder smelter will come home suspend production for rectification, less demand for APT, if Pan Asia still has not purchase this month, APT market risk or upside down.
By lower raw material market was steady, the recent tungsten scrap prices stabilize overall terminal carbide poor demand, downstream manufacturers of scrap procurement efforts little late tungsten scrap prices are still lower risk.
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